Thursday, October 28, 2021

Faction Procedures + Dolmenwood Example

Sandboxes tend to imply factions, but faction play is sometimes a boogeyman for open world games. Should it be subtle, just a thought? Should it be a tracked rubric of needs and wants, like a private rumor table with bonuses? Should it be a complex system of rolls and resources, like a solitaire Matrix game the referee plays behind the screen on off-hours? Well, it ought to be something if merely to add some variability to whatever sociopolitical forces prop up the flavor of the setting. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

d66 Star Wars Background Loadouts Adapted from Edge of the Empire

Like I did for Cairn via Old School Essentials, I've adapted here thirty-six backgrounds selected from the greater Edge of the Empire RPG for use in general Star Wars games (specifically, for my purposes, Galaxy Far Away). If using the latter, follow character creation as normal, including random starting items, but also roll d66 (or choose) to determine a background with a unique beginning loadout. The background is a narrative "career" of sorts and should inform gameplay, but its not a shackle and obviously you can go and pew pew (or not) to your choosing. There are no mechanics or modifiers or any such thing tied to the items listed here. It's all keywords and interpretation. Flavor, yo.

Obi-Wan gets it.